Social and Enviromental Responsibility Program

For 15 years, Colibri Boutique Hotels has been at the forefront of social and environmental responsibility, with programs designed to give back to the community in four key areas:

We have two major programs that we run: We Care, which focuses on our holistic commitment towards ethical excellence in all matters of the environment, our team members and their families. And the Giving Back program which focuses on how we can give back to the wider community with educational programs, donations and special events. 



Our parent company, Colibri Boutique Hotels, supports the Protection of Sea Turtles Program “Kanan Aak” of the Municipality of Tulum. In coordination with El Pez, their nightly patrol of the beaches ensure nests are marked and eggs are moved to secure locations. When the eggs hatch they help the new hatchlings make their way safely into the sea.


We at Colibri Boutique Hotels believe that education is the foundation for healthy, happy communities and that is why we decided to run a program aimed at increasing interest in science in the local primary schools of Tulum. Since May 2019 in association with ADO we have been bringing students every month from Tulum’s Public Primary Schools to the SAYAB Planetarium in Playa del Carmen to learn about the geological history of the Yucatan Peninsula. This is just one of the ways we are giving back to the local community.


We take great pride in keeping Tulum beautiful and our teams regularly come together to clean the public beaches. This is last year´s international beach cleaning day in collaboration with Ocean Conservancy, ZOFEMAT and the Dirección de Ecología Municipal.

Interested in supporting the local community ?


We have extensive recycling for all hotel waste and provide recycling bins for our guests and on public beaches by our properties.