Here at Mi Amor we firmly believe that our biggest asset is our fabulous team who we view as our family. Please allow us to introduce you to some of our incredible family members who are waiting to welcome you at Mi Amor.



I'm Vanessa Garcia, a native of Guadalajara, renowned for my extensive experience in the culinary world. I have had the privilege of working at esteemed establishments such as Alcalde, Magno Brasserie, Néctar, and Arca, where I honed my skills and deepened my passion for the service industry. In essence, a culinary virtuoso, an ambassador of taste, and a dedicated artist. With my expertise and fervor, I aim to leave an indelible mark on the gastronomic landscape and continue to push the boundaries of culinary innovation.



Originally from CDMX, Mara has been working in hospitality for 20 years. Her greatest passion is service and teamwork. What Mara does, she does with all her heart.



Arsenio from the Maintenance team, works hard to make sure everything works and is ready for guests to enjoy, “I believe in always giving my best and when something gets difficult, to find a way to solve the problem and when I do I feel like a winner!"



Roger works in the kitchen at Mi Amor and what he likes most about his role is being able to learn new techniques. He feels inspired to work with the talented chefs on his team.



Irene is our housekeeping supervisor and is instrumental in creating the ambiance of our famous 'love nests' at Mi Amor. She always puts all her effort and dedication into ensuring that our guests' rooms are impeccably clean, comfortable and cozy and more than that, she always does it with a smile that touches your heart.

If you are interested in joining our family, please contact our HR team for more information at reclutamiento@colibriboutiquehotels.com