Check-in time is at 3 pm and check-out time is 12 pm. We can store your luggage if you arrive/depart outside of these times. Concierge service is available 24h a day at Mi Amor.
There are ATM’s located both in Tulum Pueblo (town) and along the beach. There is an ATM issuing USD right at the entrance of Mi Amor which has been provided from a company that we trust. For ATMs that issue Mexican Pesos we recommend using the ones that are affiliated with actual banks, located in Tulum town. It is recommended you notify your bank and credit card providers that you are traveling to Mexico to avoid your cards being blocked by your banks fraud prevention.
We recommend that all of our guests purchase Travel Insurance, which is generally inexpensive, but can really save a lot of emotional distress. Travel Insurance may pay for unforeseen events that might happen before or during your stay, it may cover Medical expenses, Evacuation expenses, Trip cancellation costs and so on. Ask your Travel agent, Credit Card Company or you can purchase it yourself through your preferred travel insurance provider.
All Colibri Boutique Hotels and Restaurants accept Credit Cards. In Tulum (and most all of Mexico), cash is the most common form of payment. Mexican Pesos and US Dollars are accepted everywhere, however it is recommended to carry smaller money denominations as some local businesses often run out of change. It is becoming more common for Travelers Checks NOT to be accepted in the area due to recent fraud. Some banks still accept American Express traveler’s checks and this is where you are likely to get the best exchange rate, however you should be prepared for a long wait in the queue at the bank. It is easier to withdraw cash from an ATM where you will also get a good exchange rate. Please be aware there is a daily withdrawal limit at the ATM’s, currently $5000 pesos. Credit cards are not widely accepted in the area.
We use a reliable company for airport transfers for all of our guests. If you would like to book a round trip airport transfer for your visit to Mi Amor please send an email with your flight information and the number of guests to concierge.miamor@colibriboutiquehotels.com We will confirm your booking within 24 hours. Please note that cash payment in Mexican pesos or US dollars is due in full at the time of pickup and will be made directly to the transport company.
A local taxi from Cancun International Airport to Mi Amor can cost as much as $150 USD. A taxi from Mi Amor to the airport can cost as much as $95 USD. Prices are subject to change without notice. Taxis in and around Tulum are easily found and prices are typically about $150 Mexican pesos from the beach area to the village. Please notify the concierges if you’d like a taxi and they will be happy to arrange one for you.
Parking for motor vehicles will be available only in the official parking areas of the national park. Please contact our concierge team for the most up-to-date information. There are several recommended car rental companies at both the airport and in Tulum. Please contact us at concierge.miamor@colibriboutiquehotels.com if you require any assistance. Please be sure to inspect your rental car very carefully as the rental companies will hold you responsible for any small marks or scratches on the vehicle that you fail to report when you first sign for the car. Also double check the spare tire and the gas tank cap are present! Note: Driving in Mexico can be dangerous. Watch out for speed bumps called ‘topes’ which are large and not often sign posted or easily visible at night. At times, lanes seem to disappear and merge in unusual and dangerous ways. Please respect the speed limits, remembering that road “307” is not a highway. It is best and safest to enjoy the cruise down to Tulum and don’t join in the speed race!
The Yucatan peninsula is a special and unique environment. We urge everyone to use biodegradable products such as sun block and mosquito repellents, to ensure our environment stays healthy for generations to come. When visiting any of the wonderful cenotes in the region, it is recommended you shower to remove any products such as sun block that may pollute the natural water system. We provide beach bags and beach towels and bottled water for our guests. We invite you to bring your own refillable water bottle and help do your bit to save the environment. When packing for your visit to Mi Amor, be certain to include any necessary medications that you use, and it is wise to carry a photocopy of your physician’s original prescription for those medications with you. Pharmacies are widely available in Tulum but they may not have the same medications as pharmacies in your home country. Be certain to carry a photocopy of your passport’s information page and copies of any relevant visas with you. These copies can help immensely if you lose your original passport. Copies of any insurance policies, such as travel and medical, should be carried with you, as well their emergency contact numbers. There is no street lighting or designated pedestrian paths in some areas along the beach road. It is recommended you bring a small flashlight if you will be walking at night.
Tulum enjoys a tropical climate with a dry season (November – April) and a wet season (May – October). January, February (winter) and March day temperatures usually sit between 75 – 80F (23 – 26C), however, cool off in the evenings with temperatures between 60 – 66F (16 – 19C). Wind factor can make temperatures seem cooler and long pants and light sweaters are recommended at this time of year. May, June, July and August, our spring/summer months, see frequent rainfall, although more breaks in the rainfall in July and August, and although the temperatures are higher than other months, it is the humidity that makes day seem hotter 85F plus degrees (32C).
The Mexican state of Quintana Roo, which includes Tulum and Cancun, lies within the Unites States’ Eastern time zone (UTC-5) and no longer observes daylight savings time.
There is no grid power along the coast in Tulum. We generate our own electricity onsite and provide 24-hour electricity at the hotel, however we do have power consumption limits and we strongly request that you do not use appliances that consume high volumes of power. Charging up laptops and cell phones is fine.
Mi Amor is happy to be one of the few hotels on the beach to offer air conditioning in all guest rooms.
We offer free wifi.
We provide a security safe in each room. We urge that you use it to store your valuable items and important documents.
Mi Amor does offer laundry service to our guests for a fee. Our concierge will gladly assist you if you require this service.
Children under the age of 16 years are not permitted to stay in the Mi Amor Hotel & Restaurant.
All of our rooms are non-smoking.
We are sorry to say that, due to certain landscape limitations, Mi Amor is not wheelchair accessible.

Please contact us at concierge.miamor@colibriboutiquehotels.com if the information you require is not listed above.